​        MorningStar Family Church

About Us
Who We Are...
Pastor Tom Croft is the Senior Pastor of MorningStar Family Church.

He has been the head pastor at
MorningStar for
24 years.
Tom and his wife, Sylvia, have been married for 42 years and had 4 children. They have 27 grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren.

MorningStar is a congregation made up of people who were seeking peace within ourselves and have found it by seeking peace with God.

Our Praise and Worship team is comprised of young adults who love God and use their talents to honor Him.
The group has been serving together for years!

Devoted to leading God's people before His Throne of Grace, the worship is a blend of contemporary music that folds in
long-time, traditional songs.
Pastor Tom delivers messages that will encourage, instruct, and bless your heart. 

More than anything, our mission is to Love the Lost, Lead them to Christ Jesus and to Teach and Equip God's people to serve Him in this community.
Every Soul is Invaluable to the Lord and
Every Soul has a purpose.

Discover  the loving nature of God with us.
Discover  loving relationships with people who simply want to serve the Lord. 

It is Essential to Convey Just How Much God Loves Us
That He Has a Plan for US!  
Our Heart...